San Andreas Press

Latest version: 5.01
November 1, 2013

Extended Feature List


  quarter-tone accidentals and accidentals in parentheses
  complete range of noteheads, which can include any item in the symbol library, with or without parentheses
  absolutely any rhythmic value
  grace- and cue- notes of any size
  note stems of any length
  any number of dots after a note with displacement left or right, and/or down
  any number of tails on a stem; stems can be lengthened or shortened by any amount
  cross-stave positioning to both the stave above and below (triple cross-stave)
  control of ledger line thickness
  control of stem thickness
  note width stretching
  AlphaNotes - educational noteheads (notes with note names inside)
  control of accidental pixel width


  any standard rest type from breve to 128th and smaller; repeat bar symbols
  American style horizontal bar multirests as well as European style additive multirests
  rests in parentheses
  any number of dots after the rest
  absolutely any rhythmic value
  control of type font for number over rests
  control of rest size


  18 standard clef types
  control of both horizontal and vertical clef size (ie shapes can be stretched)
  control of line thickness on Postscript printers


  12 types of barline provided, including invisible barlines, braces and brackets
  partial brackets
  control of thickness
  control of size of dashes and size of spaces for dashed barlines
  control of space between double and repeat barlines, space between the dots and lines of repeat barlines and the vertical position of repeat dots


  horizontal, vertical or diagonal straight lines
  dotted, dashed, sawtooth and wavy lines
  unlimited thickness to all lines
  arrowheads and bracket ends of any size
  auto-justification of portamento lines and arpeggios
  control of length of dash, horizontal size of wave, and size of dot
  control of size of space between dashes or dots, or the height of the wave in sawtooth or wavy lines
  rotation of all lines by degree
  crescendo and decrescendo hairpins with any size of aperture
  partial hairpins at either end (allows them to be split at start or end of systems or to make space for dynamics)
  dotted hairpins
  multipoint lines (up to seven segments), rotation, thickening

Ties / Slurs

  control of tie/slur curvature, flattening and endpoint offsets
  tuplet brackets and ending brackets with any length of hook
  triangle slurs (guitar notation)
  shift of slur curve centre point, or number in bracket to left or right
  dashed and dotted slurs with control of number of dots or dashes
  partial slurs at either end
  cross-stave slurs and tuplets
  control of slur thickness


  any combination of complex beam groups
  control of font and position of number over beams
  cross stave beams
  single note and double note tremolo beams
  horizontal or diagonal beamed single note tremolos
  control of beam thickness
  control of space between beams (allows proper positioning of 32nd note and smaller beams)


  up to 9999 symbols, with over 500 provided as standard
  creation of libraries of text strings
  control of both horizontal and vertical size factor ie (symbols can be stretched)
  control of thickness, both horizontal and vertical; use symbol outlines only
  rotation and offset of symbols

Trills / Octava / Pedal Markings

  accidental over trills
  octava and cinquedessima above and below stave with or without the va/ba
  control of width of octava dotted lines and length of final hook
  graphics piano pedal symbols as well as normal pedal lines with two types of notch, and optional arrowhead ending
  graphic harp pedal symbols
  control of size of markings, as well as size and origin of trill extension wave

Circles / Boxes / Guitar Grids / Accordion Buttons

  control of horizontal and vertical size
  control of line thickness, rotation and offset
  skewed rectangles and partial circles (arcs)
  triangles, polygons and dashed/dotted circles
  filled in shapes
  accordion button symbol library included

Graphics / Postscript Files

  control of position, size and rotation of imported graphics


  any size of stave, with any size of margin to the left or right
  any number of lines, or no lines (invisible)
  control of stave line thickness on Postscript printers

Numbers / Rehearsal Letters

  numbers from -999.999 to 999.999
  letters A-Z, a-z, AA-BB-ZZ, AAA-ZZZ, Aa, Aaa and other combinations
  circles and boxes around number/letter
  control of size and text font
  control of size, thickness and offset of circle/box (both horizontal and vertical size)
  control of character spacing and rotation


  control of letter spacing and size of space character
  control of both horizontal and vertical size
  control of rotation
  paragraph text, centred text, right justified text
  up to 98 different typefaces on a page
  outline fonts
  justified paragraph text
  adjustable line spacing
  auto-positioning of lyric text and chord symbols
  auto-justification of lyrics, however many verses
  auto-positioning of lyric hyphens; adjustable width of hyphens
  special text characters, extended characters and octal codes

Key Signatures

  standard and irregular key signatures using flats, sharps, naturals, double flats and double sharps
  positioning of key signatures outside the stave; justification override

Time Signatures

  all standard two-number time signatures, as well as centred single number time signatures
  compound meters (up to 2) with or without plus sign, with one or two bottom meter numbers (can be used in combination to create longer compound meters)
  control of size and position
  control of font used for time signatures
  control of pixel thickness

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